Project Funding Deadline
  • The deadline for this semester is 11/15/18 11:59pm! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or issues.

Community & Resources For Student Creators

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What is LaunchDeck?

Mission Statement

LaunchDeck is a club devoted to providing more resources for student creators pursuing personal projects. We are interested in mentoring in and teaching ideation, prototyping, and project development. In doing so, we are preparing students for engineering beyond academia, by applying classroom concepts to real world challenges.

Student Projects

Check out what some of our members have built:

Jason Jin '20, Kastan Day '20, Henry Han '20, Theint Kyaw '20
What if your trash could sort itself?
SwatTank '18 Top 3
Switchboard is a service that enables Swatties to chat one-on-one and anonymously, entirely via SMS. Send "hello" to 1(510) 338-2679 to get started and make some new friends.
SwatTank '17 Overall Winner
Jason Jin '20
All your events and friends on a single real-time social map.


We hold workshops! These workshops will be dedicated to teaching and practicing mobile and web development.

The workshops are either instructional or hands-on.

  • The instructional workshops will involve potential speakers, professors, or mentors walking through different topics.
  • The hands-on workshops, allow students to work on personal projects in a collaborative environment where they can seek advice and help.
  • Request a topic?